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Jan 24, 2013 12:24 PM

Making Alcoholic Sorbet/Gelato/Granita's with Dry Ice?

I am trying to come up with a new business idea ,mainly using a restaurant type of setting that has food, coffee, and gelato. During the day would be normal food and ice cream, and at night having alcoholic sorbets (With normal alcoholic beverages) and gelato's come out. Now, with making them with the dry ice, I wanted to ask everyone else even if making an alcoholic sorbet using dry ice is possible. Having such a unique way of creating alcoholic desserts (or possibly slushies) I think, would be enough to make a cool, casual, and fun business to go on for a little while. Obviously I will have a bar so that's another story, but the main thing I would want to have people buying would be the alcoholic mixtures we would offer. Any ideas/comments (Be honest)/ advice would be appreciated.

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  1. Dry ice isn't edible, so I don't understand what the purpose would be in your sorbet.

    1. I think, people use Liquid Nitrogen which is a lot more colder than dry ice and needs a lot more protection (gloves and eye protection) but it is easy to use as it will turn from liquid to gas quite quickly and chill your mix quickly with very fine ice crystals.

      Using dry ice take a longer time to freeze your gelato mixture than using liquid nitrogen; it is going from solid to gaz


      1. Yes. I am aware that dry ice isn't edible so that's why I would be using its physical properties to freeze the puree so it would be dissolved?? And also making a champagne sorbet for instance, would be a great idea to use dry ice because the dry ice (Compressed C) would add some carbonated taste to it. But the only reason why I was wondering about the dry ice just because it could be a different and yet unique way to make a delicious sorbet/gelato. I do know liquid Nitrogen is dangerous but maybe that will be the X-factor of my business lol

        1. As to whether it's a good business idea: beats me.

          As to making alcoholic sorbets with dry ice, it's absolutely possible- I've done it myself, at home.

          Throw the dry ice in an ordinary food processor and whiz it up into a powder. Pour drink mix in a Kitchen Aid with the whisk attachment, turn it on slowly, and pour in the ice powder to the desired texture. Works great and gives off lots of steam in the process- quite the show.

          1. You may know this already, but you'd need to use food quality dry ice, which is more expensive than the standard stuff, and ships in special sanitary containers. Other than that, then yes, you should be able to add powdered dry ice to drinks to "slushify" them.

            One concern with alcoholic ice cream and dry ice is that the temperature you might need to get the booze to solidify into ice cream may make it too cold to eat. For example, if, because of the alcohol content, your mixture solidifies at -20F rather than the standard 15ish F, is it possible to eat something that's -20F without damaging your tongue and other tissues? If you have to wait until it warms up enough to be able to eat it, will it be liquid by then?

            It's a good idea, but the chemistry of freezing booze combined with the tolerance for cold substances may not be in your favor.