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Jan 24, 2013 10:57 AM

Best takeout in Atlanta?

I am flying into Atlanta on Monday early evening and looking for good take out I can pick up on the way to visit friends. Ethnic, bbq, good sandwiches are all welcome choices! Sad to say it is Monday so Gu's, which gets good reviews all over the Chow, is closed. We are coming from the airport and heading up to Sandy Spring area, but happy to go out of the way for good grub!

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  1. for great BBQ go by PigN Chic on peachtree industrial rd tehyre open till 9 or Mad Italian for fantastic philly cheese steaks--theyre on savoy dr

    1. pS just thought of another trerific take out in sandy springs its called cafe sababa on Shallowford--all 3 are either on your way or in sandysprings near 285Sbaba has excellent meiterranean and does full meal take outs---all 3 are very casual

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        I am always in to try new BBQ--these are great, I'll take a look, thanks!

      2. depending on where youre going in sandy springs you might want to go to the Pig n chci on roswell rd near 285. The owner, bill works the peachtree location i gave you, and to me its tastes better.If you go there tell him Bob with the shelby recommneded it he makes the BBQ sauce himself, one for NC and SC taste a bit and see which on you like.

        1. I'm going to throw out La Fonda as a good, local option. It's a local chain and one of my go-to options for takeout. Lots of locations throughout the city so you can see what's closest to your destination on the website: Skip the paella (not very good), but the Cuban and Mexican stuff is best. I love their steak Bocadillo and maduros; hubby likes the enchiladas and fish tacos. It's food that travels well and tastes good - which is what I want in takeout.

          Second option: hit Alon's Bakery and Market across from Perimeter Mall. Love the lamb sandwiches!

          1. Tres Hermanos Carniceria on Roswell Rd in Sandy Springs has very good Mexican-tacos,enchiladas,tortas, etc.