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Jan 24, 2013 10:49 AM

Best Decor/Scenery, what are your favorites in NJ?

I am not talking about food here really. Usually the better the ambiance, the more "mediocre" the food. I am more of a foodie but sometimes ambiance wins with the wife ; )

Check this link out:

I would definitely not put Nicholas in that list, although the food is amazing.

Budda Khan is definitely a cool experience! And the avenue is a pretty trendy spot (not my cup of tea but a nice establishment.


A few others that come to mind....

On a nice clear day, Off the hook for afternoon drink and quick bite to eat is pretty cool (over looking NYC)

I like the Shogun Legends fish tank as well...a really neat set up there.

Fernandes upstairs room has a great vibe and cool Spanish decor.

Anyway, with food aside, lets here some thoughts....

I am sure there are quite a few places in hoboken but I don't really get up there.

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  1. Hands down for me it's Raven and Peach in Fair Haven. Previous favorite was La Fontana in New Brunswick but they closed over 5 years ago.

    Another favorite was Tavern on the Green during the Holidays. There was no place on earth like Tavern on the Green when they were decorated for the Holidays I have many, many happy memories bringing my family there.

    Highlawn Pavilion and The Manor are both beautiful places as well.

      1. I can't exclude the food as that is part of the experience. Certain places I go to I go just for the food. If the place is a real dump, dirty, etc. then I won't go, but for certain places it's about the food.

        That said, I can't go to a place where the food is not good, but the ambiance, decor, etc. is.

        For me, I like Rebecca's in Edgewater. I also like Cafe Panace, the Saddle River Inn, St. Eve's, Chakra, Capital Grille, River Palm, Highlawn Pavillion, The Manor, and the Newark Club. I am sure I am missing a few, but these are for starters.

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          Based on your requirements I would have to remove Tavern on The Green. The last 5 years + of its life the food was nothing more than wedding or banquet fare. The only thing that remained truly exceptional to the end was their lobster bisque.

        2. Da View: Highlawn Pavilion, Rats, Molly Pitcher, Watermark (upstairs), McLoones (Sea Bright & Asbury), Sea Gulls Nest (the Hook), Salt Creek Grille.

          Room ambience: Nicholas, Lorena's, Du Marie, Moonstruck, Ebbitt Room, Teak, Scarborough Fair, Whispers, Blue Bottle Cafe

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          1. re: JustJake

            Some excellent places on that list. Thanks.

          2. I love the outdoor patio at Cafe Matisse.

            Hoboken restaurants on the river have great views assuming you have a front window seat, Trinity being one of them and the outside seating when the weather is nice.

            The Liberty House in Jersey City as well as Maritime Parc

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              Agreed on Cafe Matisse. Thanks.