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Jan 24, 2013 10:29 AM

Has anyone tried the new U2 KBBq yet, or is there a better AYCE?

Wondering if U2 is a better choice than, say, MooDaePo.
Got terrible Yelp reviews, but, then, those are Yelp reviews we're talking about here...

Anyway I'm coming off a month of self-imposed almost-vegetarianism and looking to indulge, but don't have a $60pp+ Park's budget.

I know the AYCE question has been asked many times over the years but the most relevant threads all seem to be 2-3yrs old- there has to have been some movement since then, right?


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  1. Beyond the mountain of beef, U2 (let's just call it Chunchon Jip) is also a proclaimed "buckwheat noodle" cold noodle (mael mil naeng myeon) specialist. (If you don't know why this is controversial, refer to this Channel A Food X File segment: ) . They also have a dogani tang that I much prefer to sullungtang.

    Order the 'right' cuts of meat w/o too much soy/sugar marinade, cook it yourself so they don't butcher the black angus prime cuts, and you'll be fine.