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Jan 24, 2013 09:11 AM

Fancy/Empty Chinese buffet locations...

Curious what ever came of a few empty buildings that used to be chinese buffets..

1) Jin Asia in Saugus, up on the hill, used to be weyleus..lots of unpaid taxes/a few shootings and allegations of employee abuse and it was gone.. Anything ever go into that place???

2) Pacific Buffet location on rt9 in framingham.. Was briefly a japanese sorta place too but i never tried it then..

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  1. Looks like the Jin/Weylu's site can be yours for almost $10 million:

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    1. re: Gordough

      The listing cites proximity to Wonderland and Suffolk Downs, which suggests that a new owner might be thinking about prospects for a casino at one of those locations, and the possible spillover of dining/entertainment customers.

    2. The acbuf site remains empty.