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Jan 24, 2013 08:53 AM

Too much arugula -- help!

The backyard vegetable bed is producing arugula at an astonishing rate. Thoughts on non-salad preparations? The more I can use, the better.

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  1. Juice/blender and include in green smoothies. Banana covers-up any other flavors in those.

    1. Almost any preparation in which you would use spinach, you can use arugula too -- e.g., as an ingredient in dips, topping on pizza (I'd add after the pizza baked).

        1. Oh, that's cruel. Too much arugula in the garden. In January.

          **Stares out at the bleak, -20 landscape, and pouts jealously**

          1. I like it served wilted (like you might with spinach) under roasted chicken or a fish like salmon or halibut. Sometimes I top the fish with bacon and broil it and then flunk it on the arugula. Pile it high.

            If it is tough, saute it a little first.

            I also make pasta with it and top a little goat cheese crostini with it.

            We often have lots too. That and corn salad. Darn weeds!