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Jan 24, 2013 08:49 AM

Good Donuts on LI??

Daylight Donuts is gone baby gone. They had quite a selection and were really tasty. I usually grab donuts from Shop Rite actually as those are super fresh and cheaper than DD.

But just curious as to if there are any independent donut shops on LI.

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  1. I cringe slightly at suggesting this, as it drifts off-topic, but by far the best place is Dough in Brooklyn:
    It's the physical LI, if not the geopolitical. Orders of magnitude better than anything at DD. I wouldn't have posted something so out of the way except that I think their donuts ruin you for other donuts.

    Other than that, most of the places are in the Hamptons (e.g., Dreeson's, Milk Pail), along with bakeries that also do donuts. I think Taste of Home in Bellmore still makes them, though I'm lukewarm at best with the place.

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      Indeed, Dough is the best. It was shocking how good they were. I gave up on Doughnut Plant on the LES, though many swear by them. Dough blows them away. Sadly I can't think of a place on the Island. Now that you put it out there, lets see what comes back, I'm going to do some sampling.

    2. Out East we have Junda's bakery in Jamesport and Blue Duck Bakery with 3 locations.
      Both make excellent donuts with home made fillings.
      Personally, I think Dunkin D is A OK!!