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Jan 24, 2013 08:02 AM

Lai Wah Heen closing?

I agree with most that it's gone downhill in the last eighteen months, but it's still my favorite place in the city. I'd heard the hotel had been sold to another group - hopefully LWH relocates as opposed to just closing... I'm hearing Mid-Feb...

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  1. Just to be clear, are you saying the hotel was sold and inferring that could mean LWH's lease will not be re-newed or are you actually saying LWH is closing?

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    1. re: syoung

      the hotel has been sold and is rebranding as a doubletree...lwh isn't a leased space but operated by the met and its owner

      1. re: ingloriouseater

        Doubletree!? That's the one where Grand is housed in, near the airport...

      2. re: syoung

        I was told by a reliable person they were closing Feb 14th... I don't know if they have plans re-open at another location, just hoping they do...

        1. re: andyb99

          If true, that's too bad. I find LWH to be the best for cantonese dinner. Pricey but very good in quality. I miss the old Bayview Garden in RH. And find that only LWH and Casa Imperial come close.
          Does anyone know where the Bayview Garden team went?

      3. Apparently closing on the 14th, but (may be) opening again two weeks later:

        the hotel won't run it, but the resto will lease the space out from them.

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        1. re: jlunar

          it says "most likely remain open" "probably end up leasing the space"....i'm not holding out hope....this past weekend was what will "probably" be my last meal there....Henry Wu is an eccentric owner after all....

          1. re: jlunar

            Thanks for sharing. A friend who is a regular commented service has been down lately as a lot of staff's future is uncertain (being unionized and all). Hopefully it will reopen in all its glory.