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Jan 24, 2013 07:54 AM

Siam Thai Restaurant in Colts Neck

Has anyone been? Love Thai, how does it rate?

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    1. re: seal

      Too funny I was going to ask if it closed already since when I passed this morning on my way to work the signage on Rt 34 is gone. Their name is still on the awning but nothing on 34.

    2. Came out of Delicious Orchards about an hour ago and while driving by the place noticed no evident activity. Pulled in and stopped in the driveway to write down the phone # on the front awning. While there another car pulled in and parked in front of me. An older gentleman got out, walked over to where I was sitting and asked if I needed help. I told him I was wondering about the restaurant and he asked if I liked Thai food (Note: the guy was not Asian)? I told him yes, and he said they expected to open this coming Monday. I thanked him and he went inside.

      A minute later he came back out and gave me one of their takeout menus...

      Then once I got home I figured "What the hey?" and Googled the place:

      Looks promising!

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      1. re: equal_Mark

        Thanks for confirming I'm not going crazy! I thought they had a sign on 34 with the name which has been removed.

        I wonder what happened to the liquor license?

        1. re: jrvedivici

          I wonder if the ice creams listed on the dessert menu are coming from Mr. Green Tea Ice Cream Co. in Keyport.

        2. re: equal_Mark

          I will be there one day. I love to cook and like to try some thing new. I love Thai foods.

        3. Anyone ready to take one for the CH crew and give this place a try? Not me on this one as they are the same owners and former chef from Siam Basil Thai in Seagirt which is OK but has been inconsistent over the past several years.

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          1. re: CatLadyJan

            New Thai so close to my house, unimaginative Americanized Thai menu, questionable owner and chef....
            Sign me up!

            1. re: CatLadyJan

              I will go eventually as it s pretty close to me, but I normally like to give a new operation at least a month after opening to give them a chance to get things running smoothly. I do see Larb on the menu and would like to see a place selling a decent version nearby...

            2. OK, I tried it - a fairly big order too. The short verdict is mixed.

              An order of spring roll was fair, crispy non greasy rolls, but lacking in flavor compared to others I've had. Also, I like them with sweet chili sauce and these came with what was advertised as plum sauce but definately was not. Real plum sauce would have been good with them, but I have sweet chili sauce in the house and used it. Grade - C+

              An order of Tom Ka Gai was pretty good, if slightly heavy on the coconut cream. I prefer a bit more lime juice and a tad more chili paste to coconut ratio, but again. not bad. Grade - B-

              An order of Crispy Chicken and Mango salad was the best thing we ordered - almost perfect. The chicken was fried right, the mango not too sweet and a good mix of onion and greens to round it out. The dressing was also really good. Can't wait to try their Papaya salad. Grade - A

              An order of beef fried rice was really boring. OK, so I was outvoted when I tried to order the Spicy Fried Rice, but a good regular thai fried rice is one of my favorite things to eat. The Chinese Sausage fried rice at Pad Thai in Highland Park may be the one food I could eat every day for the rest of my life. This rice was almost flavorless. Grade - D-

              An order of Fish Filet in Garlic sauce was mixed. A nice amount of well fried fresh fish filet covered with a decent amount of crispy fried garlic was nearly ruined by a too salty sauce. I usually love this dish and am used to the strong flavor of a good garlic sauce but this one was way out of balance. Grade - C

              An order of Chicken Pad Thai was well received by my family. To be fair, I only had one small bite and it seemed fine, but Pad Thai is really not my thing. I can't fairly rate this.

              Overall, it is nice to have a Thai option so close to home. I hope that time will see them improve where they could use some improving. Also big props to them for offering to make any dish I want that is not on the menu (wait until I ask them for an Issan dish ;o). I look forward to future reviews from the rest of the local hounds.

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              1. re: seal

                I had lunch there today, had the Mussamun Curry, it was tasty. The lunch specials come with a very small salad with peanut dressing, which was just average, and a bowl of soup, which was tasty, not exactly Thai, as it had a few pieces of macaroni in it along with some lemongrass that made it ok. My friend had the green curry, which I had a spoon of and it was a little spicier than the Mussumun, which I preferred.

                1. re: jracpa

                  I ate there again today for lunch. Another nice curry dish, green curry which was vary tasty. I went for the Tom Kha soup, which was excellent. My friend had the red curry which he indicated was great. The place is worth visiting. Not very crowded for lunch.