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Jan 24, 2013 07:49 AM

Tinned Haggis or other Robbie Burns appetizers

Does anyone know where one can buy tinned Haggis in Toronto? I am invited to a party tomorrow and wanted to make Haggis Balls, any other suggestions would be appreciated

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  1. 2or 3 years ago canned haggis was available at the Nutty Chocolatier. I'd phone and check before leaving.

    1. Give the Healthy Butcher a call- they usually carry Haggis this time of year.

      Also, if you have the time and/or the stones to do it, it's not too difficult to make at home.

      1. I have a friend who throws a big Robbie Burns party every year and she picks up her food supplies at a shop in the Eglinton Town Centre at Vic Park and Eglinton.

        1. Probably not helpful, but I bought a tinned haggis from the Scottish store in Stratford...if I remember correctly there's such a store on Avenue north of Lawrence; they may have it too.

          1. Bought some tinned in St. Lawrence market a couple of years ago. Sanagans in Kensington is bringing some fresh in too.