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Jan 24, 2013 07:37 AM

Gluten-Free Tasting Menu?

Dear Chownation:

I've seen many recs for gluten-free menus in town, but I wondered if anyone out there knew of tasting menus or other multi-course menu that was entirely gluten-free.

I, myself, consume everything under the sun with no reservations -- but I feel for my gluten-free brothers and sisters who cannot partake in the lavish pleasures of a chef-curated extravaganza.

Any and all ideas/advice is greatly appreciated.

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  1. Your best bet is to check Rasika.

    They are very gluten-free friendly to begin with, and they have a tasting menu as well as a chef's table. Call and check to see whether they can tailor a menu to be completely gluten-free.

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      Rasika is a great choice. When I went there with my parents we said we wanted to do a tasting menu for the table of their best dishes and they came up with it on the spot. It wasn't their usual set menu but it was so much fun and delicious. I bet you could do something similar---tell them the courses and your restraints. Maybe a call ahead of time to make sure.

    2. They don't have a stand alone gluten-free menu. But from my experience if you call Equinox ahead of time and let them know your restraints, they will work with you and create a tasting menu to fit your needs. You just have to give them a couple of days lead time.

      1. Restaurant Eve will provide a gluten-free tasting menu (in the Tasting Room) as well as very good gluten-free bread baked on site, with 24 hours' notice.
        Bibiana Osteria Enoteca in DC has many gluten-free menu options, and Chef Stefanelli will happily serve a gluten-free tasting menu, which can include house-made gluten-free pasta if desired.
        I've had a delicious tasting menu at Fiola, with substitutions as needed to make it gluten-free.
        I can't say enough wonderful things about Dino, as well. The restaurant is very gluten-free friendly and I'm sure that with advance notice they would be happy to provide a tasting menu.

        1. I have done this at Blacksalt and it was very good. Oh and at CityZen. Both times I called in advance though. I also second all scotteem's recs.

          1. do check Sietsema's and Yonan's article, while it's geared to vegetarians, it gives one an idea of what flexibility some restaurants welcome regarding restrictions:


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              Two of the restaruants went off menu for Tom and Joe especially, and one did not even do vegetarian. I htink that there are some places that would do so for two well known folk but not for the average person, or like Mintwood, put out a non vegetarian dish for vegetarians! Imagine fi they were dining with a life long Hindu who had never knowing eaten meat and got a non vegetarian vegetarian meal!

              A cautionary tale, go somewhere that understands and caters to your needs.

              1. re: wineo1957

                "for two well known folk but not for the average person"

                in his chat someone challenged him on that, and his response was his readers should call places they like but with few options (in the OP's case gluten-free) a day in advance and gauge their good-sport or grump reactions and e-mail him for a follow-up report. it was acknowledged they were probably recognized but gave no advance warning(s) to any of them.

                good point about a 'vegetarian' meal served to a Hindu. as the guy at Mintwood realized after the fact his Romescu used gelatin as a thickener instead of agar agar. on a quick re-read all 5 did indeed go vegetarian, some less off the menu than others, yes.

                all I can say is if the OP doesn't get good answers here, lesson is: don't be shy and call ahead. the worst a chef can say, re gluten, is 'no'.