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Jan 24, 2013 07:32 AM

Lunch Today Near 16th and Market

Looking for quick, but good take-out in this vicinity -- no chains. What's the name of the meatball place (I think it's on Chestnut)? Ethnic is best. Thanks.

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  1. DiBruno Brothers is an obvious option.

    1. Nom Nom Ramen at 18th and Ludlow is a quick walk over and you can get the noodles to go.... its definitely soup weather.

      1. Mirabella Meatball Co is on Chestnut.. never been there.

        I recently tried the banh mi sandwich at Rotisseur near 21st & Chestnut, it was amazing. Their roast chicken and sides are excellent as well.

        Mama's on 20th St just below Market for great falafel, also has good soups. Long line at peak time but it does move fast.

        Thai Singha House on 20th just below Chestnut, just decent but $6 for steam table foods (choose from a handful of premade dishes over rice or noodle) and it's very fast.

        Also the Comcast Center food court (17th & JFK) has a bunch of options, everything is pretty good.

        I like Nom Nom too. How do they package for takeout? Seems like it would be hard to eat if not in one of their soup bowls and hopefully they package the noodles separately to prevent overcooking.

        1. Ramen sounds like just the thing for a day like today and a quick walk in this weather is good. I can bring it back to the office to warm up.

          1. On second thought, I don't think ramen was made to travel, Mirabella Meatball too far to walk....