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Jan 24, 2013 07:17 AM

Charlottetown PEI

Spending 3 days in Charlottetown in June. Any restaurants we shouldn't miss?

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    1. Do not miss the Charlottetown Farmers Market- tons of great food vendors (Out of Africa for their samosas, Island Taylored Meats for an all-natural sausage-on-a-bun)

      Gahan House is the best pub atmosphere, micro-brewed bear and world famous nachos.

      Lot 30 for fine dining (amazing local ingredients)

      Famous Peppers Pizza with locations in Charlottetown and Cardigan- the BEST pizza

      Outside of Charlottetown:
      Do not miss The Kitchen Witch
      Very much off the beaten path in Kensington but VERY worth a visit with tons of fresh baked breads every day, delicious comfort foods and even a tea leaf reader.

      1. Going to be spending near 2 weeks in Charlottetown and will use this thread as a reference.

        How is the Claddagh Oyster House? Still good? Is it the best place to go for Oysters?

        1. We just returned from a week in PEI, and had some great meals there. There are a few new places we hadn't been to before that are definitely worth checking out.
          1. Red Water Rustic Grille
          - highlights: amazing soup, seared scallops and lobster linguine. ( and homemade bread with delicious "feature" butter)
          2. Globe
          - this place didn't appear to be a great seafood spot, but I had the most delicious seafood chowder of my life here!!!!
          3. The Pilot House
          - great fish and chips, and interesting menu!
          4. Lot 30
          - excellent "fine dining", everything we had was great!