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Jan 24, 2013 07:15 AM

Brunch with great eats/atmosphere for family of five (teens) on a Saturday?

Brunch on Saturday?

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  1. Maialino would be an excellent choice. Make a reservation.

    1. I'd choose Balthazar or Pastis, especially if you have teen girls in tow. Both take reservations by phone.

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        Pastis would be a nice choice, fun place, fun neighborhood. I of course have to throw out my usual (because I like it sooo much) recommendation of The NoMad, with teenagers I think they would like the energy and atmosphere of the Atrium room there.

      2. And if you can't get into any of those, Schiller's is a good fall back (I like it better than Pastis cause there is so much more to do in that neighborhood after brunch).