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Jan 24, 2013 07:04 AM

Upstairs at DiBruno's?

Any Hounds ever eaten here? I'm looking for a place to eat near Rittenhouse Square on Saturday, with a group of adults and kids. I'm not sure exactly when we will be eating, though it will likely be noon-ish, so I don't want to make a reservation. It occurred to me that DiBruno's might give us the flexibility we need, but I don't want to go there if the food is meh.

We'll be at the Art Alliance first, I don't really want to go to Parc, though it is an obvious choice. Any other suggestions for a place a group can walk into for a Saturday lunch? One of the kids is moderately picky. Thanks!

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  1. Upstairs at DiBruno is tasty, but it's not a full-service restaurant. You just order at the counter, so it's actually perfect for a family with kids for something casual but good. Plus if it's sunny out, the room gets full of rays so it's pretty cheerful. If you're up for Chinese, I would also recommend Wok. It's around 16th & Walnut. They have classic American-Chinese dishes but everything is very good, and it's a nice room and would probably be comfortable with a family. There's also Pietro's on Walnut and 17 I think. Good for families as well. They have nice salads and Pizzas/Pastas too. None of these places will change your life, but they all serve solid food and are good for families without needing a reservation.

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      Thanks. I forgot about Pietro's, but I think we will try DB's, just for something new. I don't really care if its full service, as long as it's tasty and has something for everyone.

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        I like Pietro's. If your crew is somewhat rambunctious, you can sit towards the back. I like the fact that adults can have a brew or a glass of wine. Plenty to choose from, and they treat groups well.