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Jan 24, 2013 06:38 AM

Looking for a "Quiet" stand mixer.

I am looking for a 6 quart stand mixer to replace the 5 quart 475 watt Epicurean Kitchen Aid mixer that I currently own. I really want one that is quieter than my current one if there is such a thing. I am tired of my husband complaining every time he sees me pulling it out of the pantry. HELP!!!!!

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  1. Expensive, high-powered ones like the Hobart N-50 are quieter. Interestingly, their motors are stronger even though they use fewer watts than the cheaper ones brag about, because the motor is made efficiently and heavily. New they're about $1500. Used, somewhat cheaper of course, but seldom a whole lot less.

    Rulle of thumb: the heavier the motor, the better.

    1. That's going to be a tough one. All househould mixers are going to be equiped with "universal" motors, similar to your husband's drill or circular saw. These motors provide high RPM and good starting torque along with a compact size. The same type of motor that's in your vacuum cleaner. Better quality units may have more insulation or may run at lower RPM due to better energy transmission, but the basic motor isn't going to be much different from one mixer to another. Industrial equipment typically runs on an AC motor which will run much quieter, but they are quite large by comparison.

      1. I share your hubby's aversion to the noise; I've pretty much decided on a Verona Assistent (formerly known as Electrolux DLX or Magic Mill) and noise was one of the major factors for me.

        Varlous comparison comments on the noise levels can be found on the Yahoo user group