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Jan 24, 2013 06:20 AM

Is it the real thing-I don't think do.

I recently fell for the All-Clad Model 51125 offer-12" SS fry pan and lid for $99.95. It's all over the "net. I got mine from I don't think it's first class All-Clad. I sent it back(at my expense) because it seemed light and flimsy. I went to a Local store that sells All-Clad and checked out the 12" fry pan that MSRPs for $155. It felt heavier(didn't weigh it) and was engraved with the All-Clad logo on the bottom. I sent an email ot A-0C and they rsponded that this pan is the same as the 5112 that Cook's Illustrated raves about. Still don't believe them. Anyone else have any experience with this piece of equipmnet. I notice the Amazon ad at the bottom of this page for the same pan!

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  1. There have been a couple threads along those lines.
    I picked an AC pan up at TJ Maxx the other day and was shocked at how light weight it was compared to some other pans that I have.

    1. Where did you check out the $155 one? If it was Williams Sonoma they only carry All Clad D5 which is 5 layers and will feel a lot heavier. My Tri Ply All Clad stuff doesn't have a stamp on the bottom either but anything D5 or higher grade will.

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        It was at our local Dillard's store. Didn't think about it being
        D5. I'm still confused but no matter what,I wasn't impressed with the AC fry pan even though Cook's Illustrated has it as the top one for several years.

        I checked out the 12" $155 AC fry pan at the Dillard's web site and the details read three layers.

      2. Update:
        I got an email form someone at that explained the All-Clad situation somewhat. The company has redesigned the basic stainless steel line and will be discontinueing the old stuff. To differentiate the two they are now kniwn as Original SS and Stainless Steel. You can read about it at the All-Clad web site.
        Anyone ahve any experience with Cuisinart Pro Multiclad fry pans? They have a 12" for $70 at Cand M. I ahve soem of the saucepans and really like them.