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Jan 24, 2013 06:15 AM

Best tiramisu in Montreal?

Hi all, where would you say the best tiramisu in the city is?

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  1. Bakery or restaurant?

    The tiramisu at Da Emma is out of this world, a bit too sweet but hey.

    Can't say I've had too many bakery ones, I think I remember the Roma one being decent.

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    1. re: JerkPork

      Either or. I'm happy to go anywhere to get the best. Thanks!

    2. Osteria Venti makes one of my favourite... even though it's a bit too small, but it cost only 5$.

      1. The one at Luna d'Oro is very good.
        But it's so easy to make at home...

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        1. re: Lowrent

          It is, indeed. This is the recipe I normally use - better than 99% of the commercial ones I've ever had in Montreal.

        2. Definitely Al-Dar on McKay. You would never think to go there for dessert but they just introduced it last week I think. It's amazing!!!! It's to die for I dream about it!! ! Also chocolate mouse is sooooooo heavenly, and it has salty caramel. I'm going back this weekend for it!!!

          1. thanks everyone for your input!