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Best tiramisu in Montreal?

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Hi all, where would you say the best tiramisu in the city is?

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  1. Bakery or restaurant?

    The tiramisu at Da Emma is out of this world, a bit too sweet but hey.

    Can't say I've had too many bakery ones, I think I remember the Roma one being decent.

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      Either or. I'm happy to go anywhere to get the best. Thanks!

    2. Osteria Venti makes one of my favourite... even though it's a bit too small, but it cost only 5$.

      1. The one at Luna d'Oro is very good.
        But it's so easy to make at home...

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          It is, indeed. This is the recipe I normally use - better than 99% of the commercial ones I've ever had in Montreal.


        2. Definitely Al-Dar on McKay. You would never think to go there for dessert but they just introduced it last week I think. It's amazing!!!! It's to die for I dream about it!! ! Also chocolate mouse is sooooooo heavenly, and it has salty caramel. I'm going back this weekend for it!!!

          1. thanks everyone for your input!

            1. The beast they built at Pasta Casareccia on Sherbrooke in NDG.