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Jan 24, 2013 01:37 AM

Eating at the National Theatre

I had one of the best dishes I've eaten for a long time at the National last night (preview of Port - excellent). Not at the posher Mezzanine but at the Terrace, above the Lyttelton. It was described baldly as 'parsnip, parsley root salad.' The parsley root was a coarse julienne of a vegetable I've never had before, the parsnip was a mousse with heavenly texture and sweetly subtle taste.
My other dish was pretty good fried prawns in shreds of shredded wheat type pastry.

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  1. I really enjoy eating there. They seem to come up with some very unusual and tasty dishes.

    1. And another delicious small dinner. A perfect little plate of steak tartare (I find a whole plate too rich). Chopped not minced, good meat, quite spicy, with a dear little quail's egg perched on top to mix in. Plus a courgette salad: ribbons of the barely-cooked vegetable, both yellow and green, enlivened by mint and slim cross-sections of a hot chilli, with a few little balls of mozzarella which didn't add to the taste (when does mozzarella ever do that?) but varied the texture. Add a pleasant glass of Picpoul and it's a supper worth having even if you're not going to a play. And a fun view from the terrace.

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        Sounds really nice... I really should try to get back there one of these days.