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Do you lick the inside of the yogurt lid?

If not, why not?

And is it poor etiquette to do so?

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  1. on the advice of counsel I decline to answer as it may tend to incriminate me.

    in a public setting it would be considered poor etiquette as it is not the manner in which it is intended to be used. i am assuming you are referring to a single serving container with a foil or plastic lid that no one else is going to come into contact with, so it's only a minor infraction.

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      I'll take that assertion of the Chowhound 5th as a "yes".


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        note/hint: you won't find witnesses

    2. I just did tonight. Normally I would scrape the inside of the lid with a spoon. Don't want to waste any of that good stuff.

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      1. Is this being done by someone with an individual container? Or someone that lives alone? I buy quart size containers and the idea of someone licking the inside of the lid and putting it back in the fridge seems very unsanitary?

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        1. in public, I'll scrape it with my spoon, at home I will without shame lick the foil lid. Unless the cat prevails, then she gets the honor.

          1. Dumb question, of course I do! :)

            It's like the crusty ends of a pork roast, or the top of a jar of anything. That's the best part!!

            1. It's poor etiquette to lick anything that isn't meant to be consumed by licking (i.e. an ice cream cone or a lollipop). That includes forks and, of course, yogurt lids.

              As noted, though, etiquette is only relevant around other people whom you do not wish to offend.

              1. Yes, but only when nobody's looking, and I don't let my kids do it! (this pertains to single-serving only - I wouldn't lick the lid of a shared container)

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                  Would you lick if you were going to finish off that tub of communal yogurt?

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                    If I was finishing the tub? Absolutely.

                  1. Only if it's cream top and only at home and only if it's single serve. YES.

                    1. My dog likes to lick the lid..he prefers the Greek version.

                      1. Well of course. That's the appetizer to a good container of yogurt. My cat licks my nose clean afterward, if it's a flavor he likes. Sometimes we share the lid (me first, I'm the person with thumbs and a driver's license).

                        1. Can you make a Shoe Smell ?

                          Same answer.

                          1. Not exactly, but then I do use the spoon to get that into the main container.