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Jan 23, 2013 08:47 PM

Where to buy LARGE raw beef ribs in South OC?

Anyone know where I can buy beef ribs the size they serve at good BBQ places (or even Claim Jumper) to cook myself? I'm looking for ribs 10+" long. The markets around here all have them around 6" max. Oh, and the meatier the better. Anywhere south if the 55 would be great.

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  1. Have you tried El Toro Gourmet Meats on El Toro in lake Forest or The Meat House on Alicia in Mission Viejo?

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      Yes, but thanks for the suggestions. El Toro had some frozen last time I was there, but I needed them too soon for that to work. Meat House didn't carry them. I'm going to get some frozen ones, at El Toro, if I don't find a better source with this topic.

      1. re: Midlife

        Sprouts has large frozen ones but didn't look all that meaty.

    2. Just stopped by El Toro and they only have very small frozen beef ribs. The butcher told me he thinks the large ones all stay with bone-in prime rib. Back to Meat House for another try.

      1. find and Argentinean or Brazilian market they will have it.

        1. Surfas OC. But they are wagyu I think.

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            Surfas DOES have "Kobe" ribs @ $5.99/lb, burt they're no larger than the ribs I see at Ralph's or Albertson's (maybe 6" max)..

          2. Forget Beef Back Ribs. If you want Large Meaty Dinosaur-Like Beef Ribs, buy and smoke Beef Short Ribs.

            Many BBQ places sell Beef Short Ribs instead of Beef Back Ribs.

            And Beef Short Ribs are more widely available than Beef Back Ribs. Any supermarket or Meat Market sell Beef Short Ribs. For BBQ purposes, just ask the meat department for a Rack of Beef Short Ribs with long (12" or more) bones . The following link refers to these ribs as "Dino Ribs:"


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              I don't want to hijack this thread, but to OP Midlife -- can you name some of the socal bbq joints that serve the kind of beef rib you are seeking?

              Years ago I dined several times at a place in North Carolina that served an amazing beef rib. Here it is:


              I would love to find a place here in socal that sells a beef rib like that; or, like Midlife, where to buy them to cook at home.

              1. re: thebordella

                See my original post. The best place here is a chain called Claim Jumper. There's are the best tasting. Another LA area one is Wood Ranch and AaSan Diego BBQ resto called Phil's has good sized ribs but not as good tasting.