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Jan 23, 2013 07:26 PM

Beer by the bottle, coffee by the pound

I am spending a few months in Doral for work. While I'm fine eating most of my meals at restaurants, there are two things I would prefer to enjoy at home as well: coffee and beer.

Are there any local coffee roasters of note, or at least grocery stores with a better selection than the local Publix?

Although the ABC on Doral Blvd does have a decent beer selection, I am sure that's not the best the area can offer. Since I live out west, where Rogue and Stone flow like water, I'm particularly interested in beers from Florida, the South, and the Midwest/Northeast that aren't readily available on the other side of the Mississippi.

I have no qualms about leaving Doral to buy these things, though I'd prefer not to drive all the way to Ft. Lauderdale just to pick up a six-pack of beer.

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  1. You'll find all the great beer you want at (not intuitively) Total Wine. A chain with many FL stores including North Miami.

    The selection is huge =>

    Rogue and Stone flow like water there. As do top east coast beers such as Southern Tier, Brooklyn Brewery, and of course DFH.

    You'll also find Central City, Bells, and Terrapin.

    Ballast Point just hit SoFla, in fact I picked up 6 Sculpin just last night. Bear Republic is also here. So is Green Flash now.

    No Russian River nor Port nor Firestone nor Alesmith yet.

    And don't miss Florida's own highly-ranked Cigar City.They beg for that out west (it's good for trading in fact).

    BTW there are numerous beer lovers who have developed online tools for locating beer, and also comparing availability on one state .vs. another.

    Here's just one:

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      Also - my local Whole Foods (Boca Raton) just remodeled and now has about 30 linear feet of almost nothing but craft beer, many including east coast and FL breweries. Depending on size, your nearest store may vary.

      My local Crown Liquors also has a small (10-15 feet) but very good selection, including Southern Tier, Terrapin, Stone, and Cigar City.

    2. Not sure where you are in Doral, but you can shoot down the Palmetto, transfer to the Don Shula and go to Sunset Corners. As mentioned in prior replies, Cigar City is a must.

      1. Recommending chains isn't that exciting, but Total Wine in Aventura does have a very good beer selection (in fact I like their beer selection much more than their wine selections). Sunset Corners is also a good call.

        As for coffee roasters, it's Panther Coffee in Wynwood that you'll want. I prefer it to Alaska Coffee in North Miami. Have not yet tried Eternity downtown.

        1. I ended up at the Total Wine in Kendall, which definitely beats the ABC store in Doral and the Whole Foods in Coral Gables. They have a big selection of single bottles, though most are not refrigerated. Next time I'll try Sunset Corners.

          So far I've tried and enjoyed two of three Cigar City beers that seem readily available around here (Maduro and Jai Alai). Are there any other decent Florida breweries that sell bottled or canned beer?

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            Florida Beer Company in Melbourne distributes to local retailers, including TW.

            I like their Swamp Ale IPA. Available in TW.

            They also bottle for Holy Mackerel, which you will also find in local stores.

            All Florida breweries:


            If you want a real treat, drive up to Boca and visit the Funky Bhuddha brewpub. No cans or bottles (yet).

            But they are turning out some stuff that's gotten a lot of national notice - especially their Maple Bacon Coffee Porter.
            That's not always availabe, but they've got plenty of other goodies as well.

            You could also go another 10 miles N and visit Due South Brewing in Boynton, just off 95, which is new, good and turning some heads. You can drink at the brewery and also get growlers to go.

            I believe your Whole Foods should have Florida beers in a separate section - I know the one in Boca does. For example, you'll find the FBC and Holy Mackerel stuff in that section.

          2. I was in Jupiter and was sold Monk in the Trunk, which has its origins there though it is being brewed elsewhere these days. Whole Foods has it.