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Jan 23, 2013 06:31 PM

Korean Banchan/Panchan in Bergen county- GO!

I'm currently obsessed with Korean food, particularly restaurants that serve good banchan/panchan (the small dishes of kimchi/steamed veggies, etc, that come with your meal. Got any recommendations???

Thus far, I've tried:

Organic Tofu House- Ridgewood...Good tofu soup, but really lame banchan (good kimchee, however)

So Moon Nan Jip - Palisades Park. Ok banchan, but nothing to write home about (and stingy with the kimchi).

Poong Lim BBQ - Ft. lee. Terrific, plentiful, and great variety of banchan- acorn jelly!!, though atmosphere was wedding-like?

Lighthouse Restaurant: Fairview. Decent, but not great & it seems to have gone downhill since I last visited 3+ years ago.

I'd love to know your recommendations- this gal can't seem to get enough kimchee in her system

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  1. Banchan at restaurants always seem to rotate and it's hard to say which ones are going to be consistently good. It's also comes down a lot to personal preference...

    I might suggest checking out H Mart's prepared banchan section....they have a lot of good stuff there!

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      +1. H Mart has a plentiful selection, on the weekends many products are offered to sample.

    2. Do you guys have any recommendations in central NJ? I am a Korean newbie but I have been to Kim Chi Hana once and really enjoyed it.

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        The other places to try in CNJ would be Keum Ho Jung and Chung Sol Bat in Edison. They're comparable, CSB is BYOB.

      2. I've been to HMart many times & have purchased, as well as some of the smaller Korean banchan places in and around Closter, but I'm looking for the restaurant that features the best & largest variety. For the money I spend on Banchan alone at these places, I could eat at a restaurant (like I said, I'm into variety)...