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Jan 23, 2013 06:30 PM

Suggestions for Rehearsal Dinner in Tinton Falls area?

The wedding is at the Sterling Ballroom of the Doubletree Hotel in Tinton Falls. Any suggestions for a rehearsal dinner location? Guessing about 35 people so probably a locale with a private room and moderately priced?

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  1. basil Ts in red bank does a good party. I have been to 5 or 6 there. They will work with your budget too.

    1. Portofino's in Tinton Falls. Wonderful food, and you can reserve the 2nd floor for a party of that size. It may be a bit on the pricier side for what you're looking for, but you never know unless you ask.

      1. Lincroft Inn/Lincroft NJ has a nice private room and entrance. For a banquet dinner (steak, chicken, fish) it's ok. DO NOT GO for ala carte' dining it's terrible.

        MJ's/Tinton Falls is moderately priced although it is more a pizza style place you could probably have one floor to yourself for something like that. Very nice setting.

        Luigi's Tavern / Eddies Place has a small dining room they would let you book. Pizza & Good Italian food but mostly a bar type setting.

        Picolo Italia/Oakhurst Excellent food......price TBD according to what you want.

        Bogarts/Tinton Falls: Has a small back private room. Moderately priced with every thing on the menu from Sushi(decent) to Turkey Club to Osso Bucco.

        Mooses Tavern/Tinton Falls: New place it's an old Charlie Browns with a very similar menu. They have a private dining room on the 2nd floor. Too new to give a fair rating on the food....I'll say average type place.

        There is also as mentioned Portofino's (Mooses, Portofino's, MJ's are all at the same intersection)

        Basil T's as mentioned is in Red Bank if you want to travel to Red Bank there are a million + 1 places that can be added. The above are all within 5 mins of where you are staying. Bogarts is literally 1/4 away on same street.

        1. buona sera too (they have a nice room downstairs)

          It will be higher in price than most of the ones that JR mentioned but the ambiance is there.

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            The downstairs at Buona is not going to be in the "moderate" range the OP said they are looking for PLUS 35 would be very tight down there. It is a cool spot to check out.....and a very unique place for a small dinner party for sure.

          2. Thank you all very much for the great suggestions. We will check them out and post a report on our choice.