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Jan 23, 2013 05:52 PM

Reviews please!

Found some interesting places to try when I'm in town and was hoping you guys can give me your opinions on the following:
Tapas Fritas
Yard House
Praying Monk
OHSO Eatery
Beckett's Table


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  1. Papas Tapas Fritas - fun, good sangria, tapas are really good or really blah. Paella never seems to have a good crust. worth a try but don't expecttoo much.

    Yard House - good beer list, food is straight up national chain fare, not bad, but nothing you can't get anywhere

    Praying Monk- only been once but great beer list and great pub food. local chef Aaron May has a solid performer here, definitely worth a stop

    OHSO - again better beer list than food. some of the small plates are good and theres a green chili pork sandwich that's OK, but the patio and atmosphere are worth the trip. Go across the street to JTs for really good wings at a great dive

    Widfish - only upscale place on your list and really good fish place, bar is fun place to sit and eat and enjoy a glass of wine with a nice grilled swordfish. Try Culinary Dropout next door as well

    Beckett's - good comfort food place, short ribs,, green chili pork, and the mac and cheese are solid. I like this place, but it always leaves me wanting more

    I'd also try Eddie's House, 5th and Wine, Brat Haus, and Citizen Public House, and Cave & Ive's in this area

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      +1 on Praying Monk. The Left Coast Asylum is a great beer on tap. And they also have a delicious coffee beer on tap. And they have an interesting menu, too.

    2. Thanks....been to Citizen's and 5th and Wine on previous visits!

      1. Tapas Fritas - terrible I would never go there again

        Yard House - Chain, will have slightly above average bar food and a great beer list

        Praying Monk - Great Beer list yet not as diverse as Yard House with better food, PB and J Foie is pretty awesome and you can get half off if you use

        OHSO - Focus is on AZ beer, casual type place, good pub board - poor brisket sandwich - pretty good happy hour and you can sample any beer for 1 or 2 bucks, fun place IMO

        Wildfish - popular happy hour, good people watching, the food is fine nothing amazing IMO

        Beckett's Table - Many will tell you they like it, I don't find it to be that good or worth a trip, a block down is Crudo, and that is worth the trip and would be the pick of the list of places, and they make killer cocktails

        So go to Crudo :) - if you do end up there make sure to try the crispy pig ears, and squid ink risotto

        I would also recommend Cave and Ives as well, limited hours but they have a great burger and they have a 8 or 10 tap rotating beer list, there is always something interesting on there