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Jan 23, 2013 05:44 PM


I see a lot of discussions on Maialino here but not much about the actual food (except brunch). Any favorite dishes?

Got rezzies late friday after Jim Bruer.

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  1. The signature dish: maialino. Roast suckling pig served with roasted potatoes. Delicious. Also, the pasta tossed with the same roasted suckling pig. Also delicious.

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      Try the suckling pig at Salinas, it's awesome. Juicy, tasty, and crispy skin.

    2. I've only dined at the bar, but really enjoyed the carbonara and roasted cabbage

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        Agree. The carbonara is wonderful, as are any vegetable sides we've had.

      2. Exceptional dinner last night. I got the first 2 replies minutes after I already ordered so we need to work on our timing a little people ;)
        Passed on the suckling pig. The pasta with the suckling pig wasn't available, but still a great meal. It was 4 of us...

        Started with a nice assortment of Salumi with olives. Octopus with beans was cooked well. Loved the beans especially. Fried artichokes was well fried artichoke. But then the fun starts..
        Tonnarelli a Cacio e Pepe - loved this dish. So nice and peppery.
        Carbonara - perhaps the best of show. Perfectly al dented spaghetti and with the deliciously salty guanciale, couldn't get enough of this one
        Bucatini all’Amatriciana - good but perhaps the least favorite
        Pappardelle alla Bolognes - very nice. Cooked well
        Garganelli al Sugo di Coniglio - loved this too. I love Garganelli and every time we order it it looks completely different than before. Comes in all shapes and sizes I guess and this was one of the better ones and with that tender rabbit it worked very well.
        The cabbage side was good and so was the sunchoke
        Someone ordered the black bass which she wasn't too crazy about. I gave up ordering fish in pasta fests like these a while ago.
        The desserts were big winners as well especially the bread pudding and the flourless chocolate cake. Not so much the olive oil cake. Highly recommend this one

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          Glad you had a great time. We love Maialino.