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Jan 23, 2013 04:57 PM

Raw Foods Diet - Where do I begin?

I am eager to begin my 'Full Body Detox' that I received in the mail today. It says that I should adhere to a 'Raw Foods Diet'. Does anyone know of a good resource online where I could cultivate meal plans? Or a Cookbook I could download?

Thank you,
- J.

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  1. Google is your friend - beware of sites promising info and then shilling stuff though.

    1. I thought about going raw, but, never took the plunge. I thought Ani Phyo's work looked good. She has lots of free content on the web.

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      1. my favorite sites: (not all raw, but lots of raw recipes on that)

        have fun! raw food is so "in" now - there are all kinds of sites out there.

        1. Ani Phyo is excellent and so is rawfoodrehab as others have recommended. I was completely raw, but not for long. It is hardcore. Although I am not totally raw now (probably 50%), I now have my favorite raw restaurants which I still LOVE! Find out if you have any in your area. Great place for ideas and usually "cooking" classes too. Good luck!