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Best healthy/low calorie cookbook?

As we age, my partner and I are both gradually putting on weight. I'm looking for some inspiration to prepare healthier and lower calorie dinners. Is there a cookbook with relatively simple recipes that you would recommend to help us in this venture?

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  1. I like "the food you crave" by Ellie Krieger. She used to have a show on Food Network. The recipes are straightforward, pretty simple, and don't require any hard to find ingredients. SOme favorites: chicken chow main, pancakes, zucchini goat cheese rolls. W

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      I second this - we like the Balsamic Chicken and Spinach (or something like that).

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        I third this. Great book, good instructions, basic, simple recipes.

    2. Eat, Shrink and Be Merry by Janet and Greta Podleski. They also have a book called Looneyspoons and Crazy Plates. I also just bought a book by Ellie Krieger, Comfort Food Fix which looks quite good.
      Ellie Krieger is a nutrionist as so is one of the Podleski sisters. I like that a book on good food is written by authors who have the background and education in nutrition.

      1. I got the Moosewood Low Fat cookbook when we needed to cut cholesterol but get most of my recipes from Cooking Light magazine. I recently purchased Mark Bittman's Food Matters cookbook. He recommends more grains and veggies and much small portions of meat etc. The cookbook is a result of efforts to lose weight and eat healthier.

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          I subscribe to cooking light and use it often. Advice- read the recipes thought before cooking!

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            By the way, pretty much all of the Cooking Light recipes get published on myrecipes.com :)

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              Didn't know that! But I like getting the actual magazine

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                Yup myrecipes.com is the "home" of a lot of magazine recipes, including Sunset, Food & Wine, Southern Living, Real simple and a few others. Makes pinning the recipes I read about to my Pinterest so easy :)

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                I did not know that thank you for this information.

          2. Although it is based upon vegan principles, Del Sroufe's "Forks Over Knives: The Cookbook" has been an excellent guide for my wife and I over the past six months [in trying to change our diet]. Good luck with your journey.

            1. I like Cook's Illustrated's The Best Light Recipe.


              1. Another vote for "The Food You Crave", or any other cookbook by Ellie Krieger really. I got "The Food You Crave" for my mom and we've cooked a number of things out of it with good results. I also just bought her "Comfort Food Fix" used off Amazon for a few dollars, and will be looking through it today.

                I would also encourage you to check out www.skinnytaste.com.

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                  YES to skinnytaste! I've made a ton of her recipes and only one was a dud, and that's probably a personal taste issue more than anything.

                2. For quick, easy, healthy meals I love the Microwave Healthy Gourmet.


                  One of my all time favorite is her Sichuan green beans.

                  1. I second the suggestions for Cooking Light but would like to encourage you to check out some of their actual cookbooks (not just the magazine or websites).

                    I have the "Cooking Light Superfast Suppers" and I love it. Recipes are simple and unfussy and rarely have long ingredient lists or take up more than a page. It has several themed sections with lots of organizational tips that can be really helpful when you are making a major dietary change.

                    Sections like 20 meals you can make with the items from a single shopping trip, or a basic meal with 2-5 suggested variations you can make for either picky eaters or just to liven up a routine. The recipes are straightforward and have nutrition information so that you can pick the recipes that suit your nutritional needs best.