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Jan 23, 2013 02:42 PM

Best pizza in NYC for family with teens. Looking for ambiance too??


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    1. re: mitchleeny

      I think Motorino's pizza is the best. However, the atmosphere at Arturo's and Lombardi's is much better. Isn't Bigger better?
      The pizza at Arturo and Lombardi's is very good.
      John's is probably good too for a family pizza meal. However, I can't believe I saw a long long line at John's the other night. How crazy is that?

      1. re: foodwhisperer

        John's on Bleecker usually has long lines.

        I think Lombardi's isn't very good (too wet, too much sauce/cheese) and Arturo's is too hit or miss (inconsistent) for me.

        1. re: kathryn

          Hit or miss at Arturo's is a "so what?"

          We're talking about a family with teens. Arturo's (and Patsy's East Harlem to a lesser extent) are true, classic NYC pizza places. From the pictures on the wall, to the live jazz combo, to the bar often filled with locals, to the singing waiter, Arturo's will offer the most fun and the most bang for the buck - if you take kids to a place like Motorino and give them brussels sprouts on their pizza - good luck.

      1. re: RCC

        Agree. My 23 and 16 year olds are fans of Motorino pizza, and the playlist

      2. Motorino is my fav pizza in NYC, but Forcella on bowery is great, and is a bit bigger, and may take reservations. Motorino is tough to go to w more than 2 people. Lombardis is always great, although I think it has slipped. If you are uptown, people like Patsys.

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        1. re: Hey19

          There's also a Forcella on Park Ave South now, and I think it looks quite a bit more fancy than other pizza joints:

        2. Thanks so much! Was able make reservation at Forcella and am optimistic! Also looking for funky, good brunch place on a Saturday morning for whole family (teens) if anyone has any ideas...Thx.

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          1. re: dizzymom

            Its tough without a neighborhood to narrow it down, so Ill stick w what I know. Peels on bowery, big enough that it may be possible to get in on a sat am. Cafe Mogodor, less easy to get in, but funkier. Northern Spy Food co. The Smith is prob easy to get into, and a cool space.

            Pretty much just do whatever Kathryn tells you to do though, thats what the rest of us do.

          2. All of the recs are good. If you are going to be a group it might be better to do lunch or late lunch and avoid the crowds.
            On the other hand Otto has excellent pizza and takes reservations for lunch or dinner. Very nice ambience too. Close to Washingtom Sq Park to wow the teens.

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            1. re: Motosport

              I like the Otto rec. The teens will think it's a really cool place. Maybe they even get to see Mario in his orange Croks.(sp)
              Lombardi is hit and miss, it used to be great, now as Kathryn said, it can be too wet . Although usually it isn't, and the sauce is made with san marzano tomatoes , but it can be hit and miss. Pulino is another place that appears to be cool , but it isn't that good. Forcella is Ok,,, their fried pizza is the thing I like there. The one in BKlyn I like better than Manhattan.
              But Otto might be best place for the OP