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Jan 23, 2013 02:38 PM

san francisco / great food / fun for a party of 8

in from out of town for a few nights. going to atelier crenn tonight but need a more casual and fun spot to take a party of 8 for dinner tomorrow.
looking for casual vibe but interesting food. good for sharing. not looking to be in the atelier crenn price range because it's such a big group but doesn't need to be super inexpensive either.

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  1. I had a fun night recently with a group of seven at Beretta in the Mission. Tab was about $600 with tax & tip for the group (lots of cocktails, beer, and bottles of wine) and we feasted! Casual small plates & pizzas. Drinks could be stronger but maybe I'm just a lush.

    Only thing is that we had to be downstairs where there's not as much ambience but it actually worked out better. We could hear each other talk!

    1. Incanto does nice family-style meals for groups but it's probably booked up.

      Skimming OpenTable (which is sure to miss some places that could handle a party of that size), Bar Agricole, Campanula, Dosa, Gajalee, Helmand Palace, Poquito, Skool

      1. that's the spirit! very helpful, thank you both. i'm heading out to dinner shortly but will look into these all later tonight.

        1. Original Joe's in North Beach, Dixie in the Presidio, Tacolicious in the Mission