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Jan 23, 2013 02:17 PM

Bechamel cheese separated

I know there's already a ton of discussion on this but i'm just starting a new one bc i'm lazy.
melted butter and added flour to make roux. cooked the for a little bit then added milk slowly. stirred occasionally until thickened. took it off the heat and stirred in shredded, mozzarella and cheddar. at the end i decided to add in a slice of lowfat swiss cheese and regular american.

the sauce thickened. i poured it on top of macaroni that was drained and put back in pan which was off heat. had cooled off a bit waiting for the sauce.

mixed a bit and noticed the sauce had separated. could it have been the swiss cheese i added in the end? i know sliced cheese sometimes has added something or another to keep from sticking. the american cheese?

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  1. I believe packaged shredded cheese has a coating to minimize clumping. I wonder if the sauce cooled off too quickly when you added macaroni.

    Also, I would have added the mac to the sauce, not the sauce over the mac. However, I don't know if that's a factor or not. Just my habit. :-)

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      btw, i shredded block cheese myself. the only "pre" anything was the sliced lowfat swiss and american.

    2. Maybe you just added more cheese than the sauce could absorb?

      My tendency is to add a little Parmesan to the white sauce for background flavor, and then just layer shredded cheese with the noodles (cooked), then pour the white sauce over the top, add a little more cheese and bake. Seems to work if you like to add a lot of cheese (as I do).

      1. Was the pasta hot? Perhaps too hot?

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          no, i actually thought maybe it had cooled down a bit. i drained it and it sat at least for 5 minutes while i finished the sauce. however, it was whole wheat macaroni.