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Jan 23, 2013 01:21 PM

Salzburg, and Kaprun, Austria

I am hoping to find some recommendations for restaurants in Kaprun (or nearby,we will have a car) and Salzburg. I will be in Kaprun at the end of February for about 5 nights, then will be in Salzburg on a Saturday night. I am looking for good, traditional cooking. Nothing fancy necessary, just solid Austrian food! Any recommendations of spots for coffee in Salzburg are also welcome. We will be staying in the old town. Thanks for your I recommendations!

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  1. We like the rtestaurant S'Herzl at the Goldener Hirsch (separate entrance at the back). Very traditional and always good.
    Just the other side of the river through the walking bridge, the cafe Sacher overlooking the old town is a must...
    Otherwise, plenty of coffees in the old town, just follow your nose!

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      Thanks for the recommendation. The Goldener Hirsch looks very quaint and is just what we are looking for!