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Jan 23, 2013 01:15 PM

DineLA...where to go!?!

Craft, Boucheron, Night and Market, Bazaar, Stefans Farm-stand and Gordon Ramsey's place are all on my radar but not sure where to pick. I am going with some not sooo adventurous mid westerners (if not Night + Market would be my first pick!)...any recs? thanks!!

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    1. went to Piccolo...was amazing :)

        1. CRAFT...had a perfect meal, with perfect service and wine Friday night...such a pleasure!

          1. We really enoyed Locanda Veneta last night. Their DineLA menu has more choices than most places (6 each in apps and mains and 4 desserts I believe), and the portions are definitely generous - friend and I both brought half of our main dishes home with us.