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Jan 23, 2013 01:07 PM

Sizzling King Opens in Alhambra

Following up on TonyC's report in yesterday's Eater LA, Sizzling King has finally opened up in the space that was most recently occupied by Bao Bao Bistro. As TonyC points out, this is a highly unstable restaurant location, Sizzling King being the eighth in the 21st Century (actually, 7th, if you count the year 2000 as being part of the 20th Century). And even though this is such a hole in the wall (maybe enough room for 3 or 4 tables), it certainly has a whole lot to offer. The name of the restaurant aside, their specialty seems to be Hannan Chicken Rice (sic) which is displayed prominently under the name of the restaurant on the exterior signage as well as the menu. But in line with the name, there is a very large selection of sizzling plates, including sizzling fish fillets with ketchup. And there is an even larger selection of hot pot dishes. Also an interesting variety of Shanghai and Sichuan dishes, plus Xinjiang beef noodle soup. But wait! There's more! They also have a hot food table offering three selections for $4.99, with added soup and rice. And there's even more. If you buy this $4.99 special, they'll punch your card, and after 9 punches, you'll get one free. Sizzling King is at 525 W. Valley Bl.

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  1. If you buy this $4.99 special, they'll punch your card, and after 9 punches, you'll get one free.

    That's assuming they're around long enough to punch your card 9 times and then for you to visit a 10th time.

    1. hainan chicken rice? i'm intrigued.

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      1. re: barryc

        Me too. Anyone tried the place yet?

      2. Decided to skip the hainanese chicken since it is run by shanghainese.

        Ordered the black pepper sizzling beef and 3 cup chicken.

        Beef was too oily. Great service, but disappointing food.

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        1. re: dreamcast18

          Thanks for taking one for the team. Now someone else go eat Dalian Small Stone so I'm not the only one to have suffered.

        2. To probably no one's surprise, it appears Sizzling King has shuttered.

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          1. re: JThur01

            Actually that was Yummy Tea House, which opened last fall, incorporating Sizzling King. I was puzzled when I drove by a couple of weeks ago because the Yummy Tea House signage had been taken down, but the Sizzling King was still up.