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Jan 23, 2013 12:56 PM

Help rescue the venison roast

Please help me. This year, my family hunted rather well. So my mother ended up with quite a bit of venison. She took out a roast (about 3-4lbs) to thaw when I was at her place (we won't get into all of the workarounds I've come up with because most things are half frozen when it's time to make dinner there.)

I went into the kitchen to prep the roast and found that she took care of it already. It was in the crock pot. Covered with water. With a sliced onion. I insisted that we take it out immediately but she insisted that it would fall apart.

As you know, it didn't. So she put this massive hunk of boiled, tough meat it on the back porch (since it's below freezing... just, accept it. please.) and now I'm back and she wants me to 'fix it'. I'm thinking of adding acid like tomato sauce/paste to help tenderize it and basically bbq it.

Any input, aside from tossing it? She doesn't want to waste it. Which for me would normally mean not simmering a choice piece of meat in a crockpot, but....


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  1. How long had it been in the crockpot? Since it's already (sort of) braised, I would try braising it the rest of the way to tenderness in a liquid that will contribute flavor, like red wine, stout, etc., with some herbs and/or tomato paste, etc.

    If that won't work, I'd go with a high heat blast to brown the outside, slice it SUPER thin, and drown it in gravy or something else with flavor.

    1. Can you make it into venison hash? I mean, it sounds like it was very lean and doesn't have enough fat in it to be moist and succulent ... So maybe adding moisture through potatoes and onion would help?

      I'll be watching this, though, because I'm struggling with how to salvage dry roasts (I'm not having good luck with the top round roasts I'm getting through our CSA).