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Jan 23, 2013 12:53 PM

Has anyone been to Bogie's Place yet?

Big fan of jm Curley's, was curious if anyone has been to Bogie's Place since it opened last week. If so any highlights from the dining experience?

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  1. Uggg, I a psyched to hear too. I had reservations for this past Tuesday but the dusting of snow at Heathrow threw the entire North American airline network into a tizzy and my carnivore colleague did not make it.

    I checked out the space with my pescetarian wife, it's really nice. Couldn't help but think it would be *perfect* for a private party I could never afford.

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    1. re: Carty

      we went, it was so awesome I don't want to tell anyone

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        glad to hear you enjoyed Carty! I actually just booked my next meal there for March....

    2. Also big jm fan, went to Bogie's, loved it. Things to note:

      service: its clear they've been ready to do this for a while. no hitches in opening week.

      decor: always loved the back room. Setting the tables with wine glasses, and candles, ahead of time gives the room a nice elegant, without stuffy, vibe.

      drinks: if you've been into jm curley throughout the fall, the drink menu should be familiar (Kevin's been rotating the list slowly through the jm curley menu in preparation. The remember the maine (bonded rye, cherry heering, vermouth, absinthe) and a rockstar rold-fashioned are among my favorites. They are also debuting champagne cocktails with (i'll probably get the terminology/technique wrong) sugar cubes that have had dehydrated liqueurs added to them. At the moment, the cube is flavored with aperol. It's a playful, nice start to the evening, and I believe the intention is to expand the variety over time. On that note, they're also building up a nice wine list.

      food: loved everything we had. some highlights: the foie gras is seared just right, and the smoked flavor on the compote is a really nice play on the typical fruit-foie combo.

      We got the cowboy steak (a type of bone-in ribeye, i believ) with house rub. Perfectly cooked- if you've had the jm burger, you know how they are able to get perfectly consistent cook temp/color throughout, and that was true for our steak.

      On top, we tried the bone marrow and the pastrami-bacon butter. The bone marrow was an excellent accompaniment, with a bit of a crust, and a fairly spreadable consistency- we wished we'd ordered two bones. The butter was good, but we preferred the bone marrow; would've loved to use the butter on bread though (fyi, they have the nashoba sourdough that, i think, comes with some dishes in the main room, for bread)

      house rub is good; adds a bit of spice but nothing overwhelming. wish i could give you the run down of what's in it, but can't remember anymore.

      the chocolate cake is another winner. i would not think i'd be excited by a lava cake, but the smoked salt-orange zest ice cream balances very well for a refined, complex cake on the dessert.

      pricing: in line with the higher priced dishes of jm curley; so very reasonable, but you (naturally) lose a bit of that 'there's a drink/dish that everyone can pick' quality.

      the one drawback: some of the dishes (not ones we ordere) seem, from desription, similar, or copied over, from the jm curley menu. hopefully that's just a transition component since they *just* opened, and as far as i can tell its not like they are charging more for the same dish inside of bogie's. eg, i would, personally, just love to see say a different soup (i liked their take on the french onion they demoed back in the fall as part of the preview specials for bogie's).

      overall: this is all of the good qualities of what steakhouse dining was meant to be, without the aspects that make you groan. Chef Sammy's talent really shines through in the range of dishes, and i was especially happy to see the balance/elegance of dishes like the foie and chocolate cake- i hope we get to see even more of that as the bogie's seven rotates.

      I already admittedly spend a lot of time trying out Jm curley's rotating dishes, so i certainly don't make any claim to neutrality. But i loved this place, and will make room to go back to at least try the monthly (i think is the plan) iteration of new dishes, as well as get some more of the awesome steak.

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        That was insanely useful/helpful, thank you valcfield! Carty I hope we make it soon haha

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          Does Bogie's Place have a separate kitchen, or is this just out of the JM Curley kitchen?

          1. re: Gabatta

            They use the same kitchen/chef.

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              I know for sure they brought in new cooking equipment to handle cooking all of the steaks, don't remember when it was mentioned if that extends to whole menu, or if there is any additional space.

          2. Worth noting again its tiny size. Four seats at the bar, another 14 at tables. Reservations required.


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            1. re: MC Slim JB

              I thought there were three seats at the bar?
              Could be wrong, but I remember sitting there before it was Bogie's and thinking three was strange, but there wasn't very much room up there for a fourth.

              1. re: rknrll

                I recall four, but in fairness, I was drinking at the time.


            2. happy to help and i hope you enjoy when you go! @mcslim- per their website, same day reservations stop at 4, and walkins are taken when space permits. so, given size, as you point out, that might be unlikely on many nights, but if you were interested, and don't mind jm curley as a 'backup,' sounds like it wouldn't hurt to ask about availability.

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              1. re: valcfield

                True, that: in fact, I walked in myself. But I should have said, "Reservations highly suggested, because once this place catches on, you'll have a hard time walking in."


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                  FYI: Word is slowly getting out as I have heard that Friday/Saturday reservations are sometimes over 2 weeks out in bookings at the moment [depending on party size].

                2. Went to Bogies last night for the first time for my birthday dinner (yes, i was born on April Fools day!). As we waited for someone to come get us, I noticed we were the only reservation for last night (we had a 6:30 reservation). When the gentleman came out, I said, "Hi! We're your reservation!" He laughed and showed us in. We sat down, and my wife told the bartender/server that it was my birthday. He said "Well since it's just us in here, and it's your birthday, what music do you like?" I said I liked Tom Waits, so did he, and he switched the iPod to Tom's excellent Mule Variations album. Very cool. We had the room to ourselves the whole night, as no one came in while we were dining. Wife had the flat iron steak, I had the cowboy steak with bone marrow. We split some fries, mac and cheese (a chipotle/ chili type preparation), and we split a wedge salad. It was said on another thread, but this is the best wedge salad ever. House made dressing, lettuce, tomato, and bacon. Truly yummy, and way better than any other version of this dish I've ever had. Fries were excellent if a bit oversalted, as was the mac and cheese. Excellent drinks as well. Will definitely be back, even though I'm sure next time we'll have to share the room with at least one other party!