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Jan 23, 2013 11:13 AM

Indian take out?

I thought Indian take out might be an easy way to warm up over dinner tonight. I was thinking about take out from Rasika but thought I'd question my fellow chowhounders about any other recommendations for Indian take out. I'm located on Capitol Hill and Rasika is about as far as I'm willing to drive. I keep asking myself whether it's silly to spend that much money on take out...
also, a recommendations for dishes at Rasika in particular would be great (unfortunately, the palak chaat probably won't hold up well for take out :( )

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  1. Did you end up doing take out from Rasika? How was it? The lack of good takeout in general is frustrating.

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      I did end up getting takeout from Rasika. I thought it tasted excellent and I was pleased they were so generous with the rice. The only hitch was that one of the dishes they gave us was incorrect - we ordered a lamb dish and received some not-so-tasty chicken dish. I contacted them and they said I could stop in and pick up the lamb dish either dine in or take out. Unfortunately, I haven't had time to take them up on the offer!

    2. Salt and Pepper Grill on Georgia Ave near Howard U is some of the best Indian take out food I have ever had. (And I'm South Asian!)

      I rarely ever recommend an Indian restaurant but I would highly recommend Salt and Pepper. It is a bit of a drive from Capitol Hill but it's worth it.

      Their samosa are sprinkled with chaat masala after frying and their malai kofta is amazing. Yum!