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Jan 23, 2013 10:51 AM

Costco - Which one is best?

maybe a crazy question, but for meat which costco has the best meat in your opinion? I frequent the los feliz, the MDR and the inglewood ones the most. For meat I usually avoid the inglewood one, and go to MDR. But wondering which ones in general might have the best, freshest meat?

I know people will say the meat is all the same, but I get better meat at the ralphs on labrea and third than I do at any ralphs in the hood.

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  1. The higher the area demographics, the better the chances of better quality foods & meats available
    Inglewood demos are not the same as MDR or Los Feliz.
    Van Nuys is good, yet probably not MDR either.
    A Ralphs Fresh Fare store likewise carries better quality food than a regular Ralphs, similar to Pavilions vs. Vons, etc.
    I doubt the freshness factor should be of concern, given the turnover of all goods in any Costco store.

    1. Always had good luck with the Van Nuys Costco.

      1. Can't speak specifically to the meat issue, but I have found that the calmest, cleanest of the several Costcos (Alhambra, Los Feliz, Van Nuys) I've been to is the Irwindale/Azusa location.

        1. The Costco in the Tustin Legacy is enormous and very good.

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            I would think Westlake Village. They offer more high end items and more variety and that should include meats as well.

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              Both the Tustin Legacy and the Tustin/Irvine? District location are both higher end, carrying more prime meats, veal rib chops and better overall products like jewerly.

            2. If you consider turnover to be a significant factor, the MdR store is probably worth considering. I've been told more than once that the MdR store is one of Costco's busiest units worldwide.