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Jan 23, 2013 10:19 AM

Sushi Legend

Saw a new AYCE place on Finch at Leslie. Noticed it while taking my son to Seneca this morning. Anyone tried it yet? Seems relatively new judging by the sign along the street.

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  1. Finally made it here. I'm very impressed. The first thing I noticed was the decor. Beautiful. The owner must be well liked because the place was overflowing with congratulatory bouquets.

    The sushi was very good for AYCE. I tend to judge a restaurant by how good their spicy salmon is. If its a piece of salmon with a spicy sauce on top, meh, not interested in a lazy-man's dish. I liked Legend's. Minced with the sauce with a sweet slightly spicy flavour.

    The rock shrimp, breaded with a mayo type sauce was quite a surprise. Very good. I ordered a Sexy Lady sushi consisting of spicy minced crab and mango in rice paper. It was ok but mango is not my fave.

    The standards, salmon rose, green dragon roll and rainbow were solid but not spectacular. I give it extra points for having the nori nice and crispy especially the hand rolls. I love a good crunch!!

    I watched what the tables beside me were ordering since as fat as I am, I can't try it all. The grilled fish was a whole fish. Looked great, I'll try that the next time. Volcano roll looked beautiful and the tempura also looked inviting.

    Some things I really liked about Sushi Legend sushi was the size of their rolls. Small so you can try lots of different things before getting full. For me, dining alone, this was appreciated. The service was perfect, no missing orders or needing radar to find a server. The manager went around making sure everyone was happy and content.

    Will definitely be back. $12.99 lunch $22.99 dinner both during the week, extra on weekends.