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Jan 23, 2013 10:02 AM


In late April I will be having dinner at Wintzell's. What is the best thing on their menu?

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  1. Dessert. The Bread Pudding was very good.

    Honestly, we ate there around Thanksgiving and were relatively disappointed.
    They had Low Country Boil on the specials board and 2 of us opted for that. It was good but the shrimp was over cooked.
    They oysters were okay. They're gulf oysters so if you like them, you'll probably be okay. I thoroughly subscribe to the "Colder the water, the better" theory for seafood.

    No one loved what they ate. Everyone did say it was good though.

    This was the Huntsville location FWIW


    1. Which Wintzell's location are you going to?

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      1. re: chloebell

        I thought I would go to the one in downtown Mobil, although I could go to the one in Saraland.

        1. re: professor shorthair

          The one in downtown Mobile is the original. That'll be the best. Get raw oysters, if you like them. Their gumbo is good too. Most people that come down South to the Gulf area like fried foods - so fried shrimp, fried oysters, etc. you can't go wrong.

          Also, get an order of fried crab claws. They are only available in the Gulf area around Alabama, MS, and a tad in the panhandle of Florida. Small, yummy blue crab claws. Wonderful.

          1. re: chloebell

            I am curious about the fried crab claws. Would this be one of those dishes where you eat the shell along with the meat?

            1. re: professor shorthair

              No, that would be a softshell crab you're thinking of. The whole thing is fried & eaten. Crab claws are small, you hold the claw, bite into the top of the claw and pull the meat off.....leaving the claw behind. They are very good & you can eat a lot. No guilt. ;)


                1. re: professor shorthair

                  I could eat my weight in them! I hope you enjoy them as much as I.

                  Are you going to mosey over to the Gulf Shores/Orange Beach area? :)

                  1. re: chloebell

                    If you suggest I do this, then yes. I will have 2 or 3 hours to explore the area the morning after dinner.

                    1. re: professor shorthair

                      GS/OB is about an hour's drive from Mobile. The whitest sand you'll ever see. Go east on I-10 to the Loxley exit, I think it's exit 44.

                      While coming from Mobile, you'll cross over the Mobile Bay.

                      Anyway, once off the exit, you'll be on Hwy. 59 South. Go all the way until you can't go anymore. lol! You pass through small towns here and there. Once you get into Foley, AL - there is an outlet mall (if you like shopping), but you want to see the Gulf and the white sand. Continue on about 5 more miles.

                      Once you can't go anymore, you're at the "T" intersection of Hwy. 59 and Beach Hwy. Go straight and to the'll see the water and "The Hangout".

                      If you're a beer kinda person, or not, stop into The Hangout, or beside it, you'll see a landmark (been there since I was a toddler), called "The Pink Pony Pub". It's a dive. But a fun one. Have a drink overlooking the water and beach. The Pink Pony is a bright pink cinder block building, has survived many hurricanes while the rest of the community has gotten blown away..........a fun laid back area.

                      1. re: chloebell

                        Nice, Chloebell! We usually vacation on Dauphin Island but my mom is in the OB area and I appreciate these tips.

                        1. re: mrsfury

                          You're welcome! And, if you have children - The Hangout is soooo child friendly. Actually, the whole area is. Also, there is another great place, though not on the beach, called "Lulu's Homeport". Lucy Buffett's restaurant/destination. She's Jimmy Buffett's sister. She's made this restaurant down here quite a landmark as well.


                          So much to do down here with kids, or no kids. :


                          There's also a Wintzell's in Orange Beach. lol!! But, I tihink the original one in Mobile is the best, and has that original feel to it.

                          1. re: chloebell

                            IMO Lulu's food is horrible and a sad tourist trap.

                            1. re: Mytah

                              Oh yes, it is, LOL! But you can't deny a great place for kiddies to run around. Hubby & I go there in the off season, listen to one of our favorite duo's and have a few drinks. That's the only time we go.

      2. I moved to Daphne (east side of Mobile Bay) about a year ago and agree that on Wintzell's, (1) location does make a difference, and (2) downtown is the best of the locations (with Fairhope a runner-up.) If you like oysters but don't like them raw, I love the oyster sampler (four different topping styles, broiled.) I also agree with Chloebell on the crab claws - they're wonderful and easy to eat in large quantities :-)) In all fairness, I'm biased wrt Wintzell's, as I have lots of fond memories of visiting it as a child with my dad, who was buddies with Mr. Wintzell, a curmudgeon of the first order. The family joke is that I learned to read from the posted quotes on the walls.

        1. If you only have a couple of hours I would suggest you skip going all the way down to Gulf Shores and instead drive down scenic 98 hwy from Fairhope to Point Clear, which is on the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay. The Fairhope area is a beautiful place that will make you promise yourself to revisit.

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          1. re: Biglester

            My plan was to leave Mobil around 8 AM and leave the Gulf Shores area between 11:30 and noon. So which should i go for? If I choose Fairhope where should I grab a snack?

            1. re: professor shorthair

              If you go to Fairhope, grab something at Panini Pete's in downtown Fairhope (open bfast/lunch). April is a great time of the year to sit out back by the fountain area. There are also several good seafood places for lunch when you head back west to Mobile on the old causeway, which is still Hwy 98. Try Ed's, The Blue Gill or Felix's. Tacky Jacks and Original Oyster House are there too but not as good IMO.

              1. re: Biglester

                Yep. Panini Pete's is great. And Biglester is correct, TJacks & OOHouse not as good as the other restaurants posted.