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Jan 23, 2013 10:01 AM

Mauviel M'Heritage M250C Cookware Set?

I'm seriously considering investing in the Mauviel M'Heritage M250C Cookware set. Set includes:

1.9 qt Saucepan (6501.17)
1.9 qt Saucepan lid
3.2 qt Sauté pan (6502.25)
3.2 qt Sauté pan lid
10.2 in Frying pan / Skillet (6504.26)

I noticed it's about $100 cheaper than if you buy them individually. Since each piece is part of the M'héritage line they should all be 2.5mm thickness. I'm using really cheap pots & pans right now, and wouldn't mind switching to something better. I only cook for 1-2 people so size shouldn't be an issue. Obviously I'll have to continue using my cheap Stock Pot until I can afford something better. I know copper requires a little more upkeep, but I'm not overly concerned. Any other thoughts on the matter?

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  1. Hi, mundty:

    [crackly static from 250,000 miles away] "One small step for man, one giant leap for mundty."

    Good choice. You should notice a huge difference.

    What is the price? If you want SS-lined, you should also check prices/specials with Falk and Bourgeat Both of those have pouring lips and are of equal to if not of better quality than Mauviel. I also like the handles of Falk and Bourgeat better.

    If you're open to tin-lined, I suggest you buy American from Brooklyn Copper Cookware

    Regarding upkeep on the SS-lined sets, other than hand washing, there's nothing special you *need* to do. Polishing is entirely elective. IMO, you should not use harsh scouring powders and pads on the exteriors, but others here disagree.

    For tin-lined, same answer except you need to be a little more careful and gentle with the interiors.

    Have fun with whatever you get.


    1. That is a nice set as long as you need all the pieces.
      Falk is a very different beast. The copper is brushed and not polished but it's often over looked that the SS is more of a satin finish as well, unlike the polished SS on the Mauviel. The falk is worth loking at though and don't forget to add the discount code you will find as you check out! That makes a big difference on the price. Falk has sets as well.
      The 250c should all be ss lined 2.5mm.

      1. I just received my first Mauviel M250C fry pan this week and I am in love! I have their stock pot (tin lined) and a smaller fry pan ordered and hope to receive those next week if the weather holds. My pan has cleaned up easily with soap and water and I haven't polished it but it still looks nice so the fear of horrible upkeep was unfounded (for me at least). FWIW, I think you will enjoy them greatly :)