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Jan 23, 2013 09:42 AM

Where to find dried ancho and arbol chilies?

Any suggestions on where I can find dried ancho and arbol chilies? Would prefer somewhere convenient to work (biltmore area) or home (n. scottsdale). I know about the ranch markets but don't want to drive that far.


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  1. The Ranch market on 16th st and Roosevelt isn't that far from biltmore. That said I order my arbol chilies on

    Have you tried food city? There is one on 44th St and McDowell. This would probably be a good source that is the closest to biltmore.


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      There's also a Food City at Mcdowell and SR51 if that's any easier to get to.

    2. thanks SO MUCH for the Food City suggestion. I stopped there tonight (the one @ 32nd St & Greenway was on my way home from work - perfect!) and they had both kinds, and only 99 cents a package!