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Jan 23, 2013 09:32 AM

What's up with Judies (New Haven)?

Judies Bakery and sandwich place in New Haven closed "for the holidays" back in mid-December, and still hasn't re-opened. It's hard to believe the place failed -- they were always full at lunch time, and with the prices they charged for sandwiches, I can't believe they weren't profitable. Plus there's the bakery business, with their products distributed all over the area. Does anyone know what has happened to keep them from re-opening? For various reasons, I don't go there very often (even though my office is nearby), but I'd be interested to know.

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  1. Whoops -- should have done more research before posting. It seems they closed for good, completely without warning. Sign on the window still suggests "closed for the holidays," Web page still up (advertising daily specials for the week of 17 December), no other indication of what went wrong apart from this piece in the NH Independent:
    Puzzling. But the place always was rather flakey (despite its being a bakery, no pun intended).

    1. The saga continues. Judies bread began to show up in stores again recently. The restaurant location on Grove St. went dark, and then a sign appeared for "La Cuisine" (the Branford catering operation. Today I see that renovations seem to be going on, the "La Cuisine" sign looks more serious, and one window now says "Home of Judies bread". Looks like they have re-started the bakery operation, and brought in La Cuisine to run the sandwich shop.
      Does anyone know what's going on? Their web page has never changed since the fadeout in December...

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        Article in The New Haven Independent January 4th. quotes from letter sent out by Judie's owner

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          I was wondering the same thing. I have bought Judie's bread at the Edge of the Woods a few times since the Grove St. location closed. This leads me to believe that Judie's will continue as a commercial bakery, but not as its own retail store with breakfast/lunch service.

        2. A friend who lives in Branford tells me that La Cuisine, the Branford caterer, is now baking Judie's bread under the original recipes. That makes sense to me, as La Cuisine is taking over the former Judie's space on Grove St.

          I can testify that the Judie's baguette and challah we bought at Edge of the Woods Market in New Haven was as good as ever. I did not see for sale the specialty breads, however - just the baguettes, challah and brioche rolls.

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            I remember a pesto Judie's bread that had a solid core of mozzarella in the middle. It was delicious...and from 1988-89 when I briefly lived in New Haven. We used to get it at the former DeRose's Market but also stopped by the bakery in Branford once. Does anyone know if the recipes are available online?


            FLASH>>>>>04/11/2013 New Haven Independent story

            Judie's recipes sold and new operator (Ben Bloom of La Cuisine in Branford) reopens on Grove Street in New Haven