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Jan 23, 2013 09:24 AM

Miami trip recap

Spent a few days in Miami (I'm from NYC) and ate some good food.
Some quick thoughts -

Michy's - Excellent food. Loved the gnocchi with lamb meatballs, though meatballs could have been a bit moister. Excellent overall dish. Also had squash blossom, croquets, spaghettini with seafood. All great. Prices were too high. Hated the room - reminded me of a crappy Chinese restaurant. I'm just not used to the strip mall aesthetic.

Yardbird brunch - Pretty much perfect. Great buzzy bright fun room. Food excellent. I have dirty dreams about the chicken biscuits.

Michael's - Disappointing. The stracciatella was amazing, though it helped that I'm a tomato freak and haven't had a good one in months. Otherwise, meh. Pork chop was a complete failure - came out basically raw, had to be sent back. Too sweet, not enough char, texture was off (probably from the multiple cookings). Pastrami pizza was OK. A bit doughy. Pastrami had a weird texture, too soft. Maybe it's not meant to be a pizza topping.

The Dutch - best meal of the trip. Oyster sandwich, lobster salad, mahi, snapper, lime pie were all interesting, flavorful, and cooked perfectly. Outdoors at the W is very ppleasant.

One thing that really struck me was how quickly we were in and out of every restaurant. Even with app, entrees, and dessert, no meal lasted more than 90 minutes and most were closer to 1 hour. Felt like apps came within 2 minutes of ordering. Must be a Miami thing?

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  1. Thanks for reporting back, always good to get feedback from visitors.

    Lots of people are put out by the decor at Michy's, I've always been charmed by the Barbie Dreamhouse look.

    Surprised by the disappointing experience at Michael's, but every place can have an off night.

    It's rare that anyone complains that Miami service is *too* efficient. But most of the places you visited (Michy's may be the exception) do work to turn the tables - though not so much that I've ever felt rushed at any of them. I do notice that food hits the table *very* fast at Yardbird - to me, sometimes disconcertingly so for items that ought to take longer if being made to order.

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      We've noticed this much more lately; the server at pubbelly steak was reciting the menu before we even had a drink in front of us ( we stopped him and ordered our cocktails ). Same at Khong river the other night. We've started ordering the apps and waiting to order the mains or next dish or you're on the street in an hour. Especially disappointing if you've planned a meal to catch up with friends.

      1. re: onthelam

        Noticed the same thing since I've been here. Food comes out extraordinarily fast and you're done before you know it.

    2. You should have gotten the banana creme pie at the dutch. Far, far superior.

      1. Tubulus: Well observed. The "in and out like sauerkraut" is a Miami thing unless you go completely downscale.