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Jan 23, 2013 09:22 AM

What's with all the mediocre desserts? {Westchester]

Been to a lot of restaurants lately with desserts that just don't measure up....So dissapointing!!!

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  1. Hi, Sugarrush,

    Where are you eating these disappointing desserts? Any specific restaurants or places?

    Maybe the local hounds can offer suggestions on where you can find some more inspired dessert options. Or at least help provide a round up of restaurants where it's better to skip dessert in favor of picking up ice cream on the way home!

    1. I went to Taiim Cellar (Scarsdale) with a friend recently and ordered the dark chocolate pomegranate truffles to split for dessert. They came out on a teensy plate with a caramel drizzle. They looked like a chocolate-covered pair of dice. Dull flavor. $7.

      The overall service, however, was as warm and friendly as could be. They worked hard to make and keep us happy and comfortable.

      1. I can't think of too many restaurants as a go-to for really good desserts. Where are you located? It would give us a better idea of what to recommend.

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          Thank you Senora. I am in lower Westchester but will travel anywhere for a good meal and great desserts. I just find that desserts are often an afterthought. I always leave room! thanks!

          1. re: Sugarrush

            I promise I will post back when I think of any more, but I always have a great meal and dessert at Via Vanti in Mt Kisco - right at the train station. The dishes are really inventive and yummy (their eggplant strata is my favorite!) and they make their own gelato there too -delicious & definitely worth saving room for!

            1. re: Sra. Swanky

              They were our savior when we lost power for the Hurricane.
              They took in guests seeking a hot meal on Tuesday. Despite the fact that many of their staff were not avaialbe to come in as they had lost power, they rallied, served a lovely meal, and gave us a warm place to rest when there was no heat to be found! A+++ for service. A+ for food. Gelato was yummy too.

              1. re: jwg

                That's fantastic and their graciousness doesn't surprise me at all. :)

                1. re: jwg

                  Wow, that's great. During those terrible days there were some places that rallied.

              2. re: Sugarrush

                Just thought of another one! Jiki - in Briarcliff Manor. They have a particular focus on their desserts there. Delicious Japanese-French pastries. The macarones are wonderful and they have good sushi & sashimi to get you started too!

            2. Kittle house has great dessert

              Also I just had rice pudding brulee at polpettina which was amazing!

              1. curious as to which restaurants served a better than mediocre meal in the first place? Westchester imho is a black hole when it comes to good food at a fair price,so mediocre desserts would seem about right,when a mediocre meal comes first