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Jan 23, 2013 09:01 AM

Epicurious Recipe Clipper

This is awesome. Like crazy awesome. If you are not familiar, it's a little toolbar widget that allows one to clip and import recipes from any website to an recipe box with a mouse click. It even imports the photo.

The website has been one of my top go-to recipe sites for years and years. I've always kept a fairly big recipe box there--the recipes are diverse and reliable or at least true to the user reviews, and one doesn't have to sift through 20 box-cake-mix type "recipes" to find a good version of something. I've also loved the recipe box as a way to keep track of the recipes I'd seen in Gourmet (and BA, before it became atrocious in every way) that I wanted to remember to make. This new little feature makes it better times ten.
Perhaps I am a luddite and something like this has existed prior to now? In any case, a huge thumbs up for making internet recipe collecting better and easier.

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  1. I downloaded the widget, went through all the steps to save 2 recipes, but when I open my recipe box, they are not saved although I have been told "Success! they have been saved." Wonder if it is because I am using a Mac? I will try it on my PC at home tonight when I get home from work. Thanks splatgirl; if I can get this to work it seems like a great tool!

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      I'm a Linux girl so I can't comment on the Mac vs. pc thing, but try logging out and then back in. I had that problem the first time I tried it, too, but when I went back a day or so later, there were the recipes I had clipped. It's worked perfectly for me ever since.

      1. re: splatgirl

        Finnaly got it to work through trial and error. Thanks splatgirl!

    2. I just highlight, copy and paste any recipe I want into a text document - TextEdit on the Mac - and save them in that format. Also makes it easy to edit the recipe, as often becomes necessary for one or more reasons. One thing I used to not bother about, but do now, is to insert any attribution that should be included. This is mostly to ensure that I won't forget where it came from and post it in answer to some query here five or six years from now. If I change it significantly, though, I figure it's mine.

      1. Ahh! Another fan! I LOVE pepperplate, which has the same function on many many websites, including epicurios, but epi clipper seems to work on almost every recipe.

        1. Are the recipes stored on your computer? One of the reasons I've been happy with Pepperplate is because the recipes are available even when I don't have internet access.