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Jan 23, 2013 08:55 AM

Jakes Ice Cream closes retail shop in Amherst, but lives on

Relocated to Palm Court, Nashua... so let's see how premium ice cream plays out in the barrio...
Pints sold through Harvest Markets
Also supplying Villa Blanca, Giorgios, and Copper Door

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  1. I noticed that about 2 weeks ago when I was over at Dutch Epicure (which, by the way, is now closed on Sundays). Don't know why they close so early on Saturdays (10AM - 2PM) - & they close at 6 (noon - 6PM) during the week (Tuesday - Friday) so I don't know how much business they'll be doing during the week. Thought they had longer hours when they were in Amherst. They're now locaated at 57 Palm Street (at the corner of West Hollis & Palm per their website). Haven't tried them yet

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      Jake's in the new location is no longer an ice cream shop, it has become an ice cream "factory"....that is all wholesale focused; although she does sell pre-packed pints and quarts from the palm court location if you can find it, which is not easy. No cones, sundaes & etc. We were depressed after visiting and left without buying a thing.

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        If I were in that location, I'd want to scram before dark too...

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          Not to worry . The city of Nashua is dealing with these problems. Our mayor Donna Lee and the planning board are dealing with the revitalization of the inner city and crime problems that are perceived but not really prevalent to the area, beginning with the Broad street parkway project and the understanding of the need to address the mentality that is involved with the change of neighborhoods. By this I mean French hill is no longer french and so on. I guess what I'm trying to say is that Jakes produces a product that is in step with other 14% butterfat IC products, which I'm proud to say I'm familiar with as I was associated with the Spaulding Family which owned the Howard Johnson's in Nashua. We use jake's exclusively in our restaurant (Esterbrook Grill) not because they are their , but because it makes us a cut above my competition
          Sincerely Robert C Delude Exec Chef, Esterbrook Grill