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Jan 23, 2013 08:34 AM

Vietnamese in Worcester??

What have we got? I remember a nice, family-run one in the downstairs of a home, but I believe it's closed. Anything else? I just promised some friends Vietnamese in Worcester, and I think I spoke too soon!

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  1. I have been to Dalat and Anh Thu, both on Park Ave. I have to say I think I prefer Dalat but truly neither were hugely memorable and I am quite a foodie. If I had to choose, I enjoyed Dalat more. The service for me, was better. I think you are referring to Bamboo something way up in Main South. I did like their food very much.

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      Thanks; any Banh Mi joints around?

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        Vietmam Cafe on Chandler has gotten some good posts on Yelp for their Bahn Mi, but I've never been. Worth a shot......looks like they may have a tofu one for you, GG!

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          I JUST saw this about Vietnam Cafe this afternoon (on Yelp) and I have marked it for lunch in the next couple of weeks, word is that they have Banh Mi sandwiches with egg on for me!

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            I've had the Banh Mi and it's pretty good. The bread is a notch down from Chinatown haunts but the filling(roast pork) is tasty enough. Their pho is good too. On par with Da. Lat.

      2. Pho Dakao is also a good one on Park Ave, fancier than Anh Thu but not much different in the food from my experiences. There is also an Asian market on Main Street by Clark that sells Banh Mi to go, but I haven't been there in a while so I can't promise they still do.

        1. There's a Banh Mi place on Main St. near Clark with a good pate that I've had. Can't recall the name. There's a taco place next door.

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          1. Yes, you are remembering the late, lamented Bamboo Hut -- the owners got burned out and sold, victims of their own success. There are at least 8 or 9 Vietnamese places in the Woo, but none come close to what the Hut used to do.

            I'd take your friends to Pho Dakao if you want nice atmosphere, service, and a full bar, and to Dalat if you want a simpler but still very nice BYOB experience. I haven't tried Vietnam Cafe and will be interested to hear from those who have...

            Mekong Market on Main Street still has great banh mi, at least on Saturdays.