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Jan 23, 2013 08:27 AM

Whole wheat pastry flour for bread?

OK, it's crazy cold out so I'm stuck at home with my baby & it feels like a great day to make bread. However, the only flour I have in the house, somehow, is whole wheat pastry flour. I know pastry flour is really not meant for bread so it's not ideal but will it make acceptable bread in a pinch? How would I adjust the amount if substituting for AP flour? Or should I just make biscuits or something instead?

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  1. At the very least, you should stick to a recipe that is 100% whole wheat, not white. Swapping WW flour for white in bread is never direct, and never simple. The fact that yours is pastry flour further complicates matters.
    The texture will probably come out odd. Whether that falls into the category of edible bread, YMMV. I wouldn't bother, but biscuits sound like a great alternative. Or scones?

    1. Consider a bread that is flat.... foccacia, pizza, crackers, or pita [works very well!] for a few examples, unless you have some vital wheat gluten to help create the gluten structure needed.

      1. I'd make biscuits or scones.