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Jan 23, 2013 08:18 AM

A Greek, a Russian and an Asian walk into a restaurant...

Fellow Chowhounds, I am turning to you for your unfailing help as you have yet to steer me completely wrong in all these years. My husband and I (the Asians) are meeting up with 2 other couples (the Greeks and the Russians) who are good friends this Saturday evening in Boston. We used to meet regularly when we all lived in Boston but in the past 2 years, we've all moved to the suburbs and had children. Needless to say, this is a "big" outing for all of us since we will be childless for the night. While price isn't too much of a deal, we aren't interested in the upscale dining experience per se. Rather, we'd like to find a nice place where the food is worth its price, the wine list is good. Our friendship will take care of the entertaiment. Any suggestions?

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  1. Is there a particular neighborhood you have in mind, or anywhere in Boston? What price range? Any cuisine you would be amenable to (or would NOT prefer)?

    Where did you guys like going to eat when you met regularly in Boston?

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      We are willing to follow the food but for convenince sake, it would probably be best to limit within Boston proper. Given the rarity that we all get to meet childless, Chinatown is probably too casual for this meeting. We are equal opportunity eaters.

      1. re: rowanej

        Ok, here's a random suggestion, try Island Creek Oyster Bar.

          1. re: Alcachofa

            It's Hellenic/Russo-Asian fusion.

            1. re: Prav

              Funny that. I've always considered it more Russo-Greco-pan-Asian.

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          Not to completely blow off Chinatown, Q for hotpot in Chinatown is actually a nice space. While not formal, it certainly feels different than the typical Chinatown restaurant.

          1. re: kobuta

            I'd second Little Q to hang out and chat and eat...not that expensive and you can get sushi if you don't want to do hot pot.

        2. re: Prav

          Yeah, two years isn't exactly eons. What places did you enjoy then?

        3. I can't help you in Boston. If you were willing to cross the river, EVOO (Kendall), Rendezvous (Central) and Helmand (Lechmere) would all be worth a look. I have had very recent, very good experiences at all three.

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          1. re: GretchenS

            also other side of the charles:

            have had very good experiences at area 4 and west bridge. kendall is jumping these days.

            add journeyman, bergamot and bondir too.

          2. Estragon. South End, plenty of room, good interesting food and wine, not overpriced.

            1. You might want to consider Erbaluce if you're in the mood for Italian (Piedmontese focus).

              1. A Greek, a Scots-Irish, and a Yankee escaped their children and had a lovely let's-catch-up dinner at Bergamot not all that long ago.

                It was grown-up food, though not pretentious or stuffy, we could hear our dining companions, and we didn't feel pressured to eat and get out. We did go on a Wednesday though, and that helped.